Hi guys... How are you? hmmm... got a long time didn't come in here... ^^ Since it's holiday for this week i will be able to come in here and write.. 

ohya.. i pass my exam and guess what... Mum and Dad bought me a PSP.. It's purple in colour... i will be addicted to my games now.. hahaha.. 

then i will end off here.. will be packing my bag to go back to kanagawa to visit my parents.. will update here again usinmy laptop.. ^^ 

then jya ne..

Osashiburi desuuuuuu.....

hmmmm.... reently Taka chan and Tatchan disappeared.. hahaha... being busy for this few weeks.. so didn't come in here to write.. keke... but have being hanging out with Reon... i think i have been permenantly staying at Taka chan dorm... the school like so busy to hand other things.. haiz... hahaha.. ok.. i going to write till here.. cos tomorrow still got exam... going to study.. then jya ne...
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Hmmm.. well guys, i am back... Actually i should post this last week.. but then need to rush off all my homework.. gomen for late post..  

didn't i write about me going back to Kanagawa... yes.. i met up with some of my friends there... and we enjoyed going shopping.. then went to eat my favourite ramen and enjoyed chatting with them till late night.. 

then went to Chiba for a day... and i ate Ramen.. it's really delicious... [OMG... I FEEL LIKE I ATE TOO MUXCH DURING MY 1 WEEK HOLIDAYS.. KEKE] 

hmmm... i really don't know what i am going to write.. i have alot of things to say but then my brain not working now... guess it's calling me to sleep soon.. ^^  then i will update in here again... jya ne..
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Spring Vacations...

YATTA~~~~~ FINALLY.. Spring Vacation are here... got a week didn't need to come to school ne.. keke.. of cos, will be going back home to kanagawa... then spend a few days there... of course will be meeting my few good friend out.. 

Last week, went out for smoothies again with Taka chan & Reon chan.. and we chatted happily there.. then went to Osaka beach and we just stayed there for the rest of the days.. going out with Taka chan makes me really very happy ne.. he is really interesting.. Reon chan too.. sometime will find him very interesting.. but the only problem is he is shy.. keke.. 

okok.. thinks have to stop here.. cos it's late already... jya ne.. will update in here again.. ^^

3 months in this school..

wow.. today is already March.. and time really passes by quickly... i have been in this school for 3 months... congrate to myself.. ^^ I just realise that i have about 2 weeks didnt write in here.. High school really very busy ne... i still prefer to be in middle school.. Don't need to do so much homework.... Ohya.. i did quite well for my english test ne.. lucky me.. ^^.. thought that i will fail in my test.. haha.. Well, it's late now, need to send an email to my mum before i went to sleep.. then jya ne.. Oyaumi...

[Filter Taka chan]
yanking for............... STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIES... again.. ^^.. Shall we meet this sat? i ask Reon chan along..

[Filter Tatchan]
Tatchan... Disneylanddddddddddddddddddddddd~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[Filter Reon]
Rean Chan... Let's go out with Taka chan for smoothie ne.. want to know you more.. ^^

New Laptop.....

Wheeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~ Last sunday after meeting Taka chan out, Mum called me and ask if i can meet her near to our school cafe shop... She said she had a surprised for me.. Then when i meet her, she was so happy to see me.. but i asked her why she is in Osaka.. and she told me she had to help Dad to run a errand and will be going back the next day.. Since the day we went to Grandma house till now, we didnt meet, so we chatted for almost an hour... and when i look at my watch, it quite late.. as the next day i have class going on.. So i walked my mum to the Station... Before i going off, Mum handed me a big bag... i took a look at inside of the bag.. and was really surprised to see a Laptop.. (THANKS MUM FOR THE LAPTOP...) She asked me to use this to communicate with the family.. once a day of e-mail... hahaha... well.. i am really happy.. so now, i can write in here often.. YEAH...

Taka chan.. thank for bring me out again.. i really bought a lot of shirt.. ^^ 

then i will end off here today.. gotta charge my laptop to the fullest.. ^^

Ryo Chan desu.....
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Busy Week..

Minna, Genki? wow... i got a long time didnt write in here... hehe.. kinda busy "dating" with Taka chan and Tatchan.. haha.. i am kinda busy with my homework too... but sometime can't really catch up with what the teacher is teacher... OMG...... any sempai wanna tuitiion me? demo.. i am trying hard to study on my own ne.. so that i will be able to catch up in class... shinpai desu ne.. watashi no shukudai... *n*... ohya... just now, the teacher say that there will be a small class test ne... ARGHHHHHHHHHH... it's english test yo.... and i am bad in it... Taka chan shall we study together for the test... ^^..

then this week... have been arranging my next date with Tatchan and Taka chan... ^^.. and i just know that Tatchan know how to cook and make my favourite Onigiri.. Ok ok.. have to go back to study now.. if not i will fail in my first test...  T_T.. 

[Filter Taka chan]
yanking for............... STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIES... ^^.. shopping, eating and fun on that day.... ^^

[Filter Tatchan]
When will tatchan teach me doing onigiri?????? *getting so excited* :>

School life...

well, it have been weeks that i am in this school.. well.. life is good ne... and Taka chan.. hmmm.. recently i find that he is interesting ne.. know how to make people laugh... ^^ oh ya.. and i found out that he likes to eat alot.. hehehe.. 

i am already in high school.. and i got to get in touch with a few of my friends.. they are all doing well ne.. so happy for them... 

Last weekend i went back to Kanagawa to visit grandma and grandpa.. they still look young to me... when we reach grandpa and grandma house... grandma was so happy to see us... haha.. and she chat with my mum and sis... and as for me, grandpa bought me and my other cousin to a cake shop and treat us.. 

then the next day, mum brought us for shopping.. she asked if i wanna buy anything back home but i just shake my head... then mum brought alot of food back... and ask me to bring some back to the hostel for my friends... abd then by the tim we reached home, it's already Monday afternoon.. so i decided not to go back to school..

and sorry Taka chan to make you worried.. forgot to tell you i wont be back on the weekends ne.. hontou ni gomen.. will treat you for dinner the next time ne.. hehe..  

[Filter Chinen]
Where are you? Chinen kun.. Genki? Ask me out ne..

[Filter Taka chan]
Shall we do something on this sunday? Will you be free?

[Filter Ueda Sempai]
Bring me out to Disneyland.. hehe... maybe can ask other sempai too...