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Spring Vacations...

YATTA~~~~~ FINALLY.. Spring Vacation are here... got a week didn't need to come to school ne.. keke.. of cos, will be going back home to kanagawa... then spend a few days there... of course will be meeting my few good friend out.. 

Last week, went out for smoothies again with Taka chan & Reon chan.. and we chatted happily there.. then went to Osaka beach and we just stayed there for the rest of the days.. going out with Taka chan makes me really very happy ne.. he is really interesting.. Reon chan too.. sometime will find him very interesting.. but the only problem is he is shy.. keke.. 

okok.. thinks have to stop here.. cos it's late already... jya ne.. will update in here again.. ^^


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Jun. 1st, 2008 09:33 pm (UTC)
Wow Spring Vacation!
That was so nice! Ur school have spring vacation! But for us no spring vacation or any holiday! >_
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